Florida Puerto Rican Day Parade
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¡¡Bienvenido!! Welcome to the 2019 Florida Puerto Rican Parade and Festival a family event celebrating and honoring Puerto Rican Culture with a Parade and a great festival celebration in downtown Orlando.

This event will feature live entertainment, delicious food, Arts and Crafts along with family activities and much more.


  • Parade with Floats and “Comparsas” displaying our rich culture and Folklore
  • Traditional Food Court • Beer Booths • Artisans
  • Live entertainment, Music and Folklore Groups
  • Media Outlets/Sponsors
  • Family Activities • Kids Activities/Kids Fun Zone
  • VIP area • Meet and Greet
  • And much more…


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Vendor Agreement/Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read all the Rules and Regulations listed below, they contain all the information you need for a smooth set-up and participation. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the phone numbers provided there. Don’t forget to complete and sign your Contract and send it along with your Money Order to the address provided in it.

Booth Location

Vendor must have the contract paid in full in order to guarantee the booth. Booth reservation will only be considered after paying a Non-Refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost. Balance of payment MUST be satisfied on or before the date specified on the application or you can lose the space reserved and any monies paid.

Set up Saturday:

Set up will be done the day of the event. Gates will open most likely (times subject to change) at 6:00 am and close at 10:00am. Vehicles will be allowed to enter the plaza facilities to unload supplies until 9:00am. All the vehicles must be out of the plaza by 10:00am. NO TRAILERS WILL BE ALLOWED NEAR OR BEHIND YOUR VENDOR SPACE. TENTS MUST BE 10 x 10 and of same style. NO VENDOR OR EMPLOYEES WILL COME THRU THE GATES TO SET UP AFTER 10AM. AGAIN, THESE TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Employee Entrance / Parking:

Each vendor will be issued One (1) parking ticket. Should you require additional space for parking, you will park in the regular parking areas. All vendor’s employees must enter the plaza with vendors Saturday morning before 10:00 am. No special tickets will be issued for vendor’s employees coming after 10:00 am. THESE TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Electricity / Water / Fire Extinguisher:

Electricity will not be provided. Vendor must provide their own generators, lights and any other electrical related. The Fire Dept. requires an Extinguisher Class A or B for all non-food vendors, remember to have it checked and inspection is up to date. Even if you do not have any electric connection you need it.

Beverage Sales Prohibited:

Only Food Vendors are permitted to sell Soda, NOT WATER, and designated Beverage Vendors are permitted to sell what ever product they signed up to be sold. Rest of Vendors are absolutely prohibited from selling or providing any beverages to attendees of the event. NO CANS OR GLASS BOTTLES ARE PERMITTED. Any vendor other than specified selling any kind of beverage will be found in violation of this term of this agreement, will be shut down and will forfeit all fees paid.

Sales Tax:

Each vendor is responsible for collecting and paying their own Florida sales tax.


The City Fire Dept. and the DBPR will conduct inspections prior to the opening of the event to ensure that all booths are within the respective code. It is the responsibility of the vendor to meet the required standards for the event. Management will not issue refunds in the event a local authority does not allow a vendor to operate the booth. Please make sure you read all the information enclosed in this packet. Asegurese de leer TODA la informacion que le estamos enviando adjunta. No dude en llamarnos si no entiende algo o tiene alguna duda. Food Vendors must serve food with plastic gloves. Proper refrigeration is required according to the Health Department Rules and Regulation. All DBPR brochures and application are included in vendor’s packet. Vendor must pay Health Inspection Fee to proper authorities the day of the event. Bring a Money Order in the amount of $91.00 and you will receive the Application for the license the day of event. Unless Vendor has already a business license, vendors must cook all their food at the event. It is not permitted to bring food pre-cooked unless you have a restaurant business license on your name, and you need to bring the original the day of event. The Fire Dept. requires an Extinguisher Class B for all food vendors and for those frying, using BBQ’s or gas they request a Class K Wet Chemical Extinguisher. Without these extinguishers you will not be allowed to operate. Please make sure the extinguishers have been inspected less than a year ago and have the tags up to date.

Cleaning/Oil and Grease disposal:

All items to be disposed including food must be placed in closed plastic bags prior to disposing into or next to the trash can. The working area or back of the booth should remain clean at all times. All food Vendors must have the black liner at the bottom of the whole booth area. There will also be two containers to dispose of grease and contaminated waters on each side of the fence in food vendors area. Under no circumstances grease or oil can be spilled on the ground or left in the space after event. Inspectors will be checking grounds next day and will fine any areas found with grease or dirty waters. Vendors violating this, agrees to pay, and will be charged a fee of $500.00 payable to the City of Orlando or any of its Agencies that imposes the fee for environmental toxic cleaning.

BBQ / Charcoal / Ashes / Remaining Disposal:

You must bring an appropriate container to dispose of the charcoal. You are not allowed to dump it in the ground. Vendors violating this, agrees to pay and will be charged a fee of $500.00 for environmental toxic cleaning as specified in item # 8.



Subleasing or Sharing Space Prohibited.

Subleasing or sharing space is prohibited unless authorized by Management at time of contracting. All signs, displays and product in a booth must be related to the exhibitor’s company.

Installation, Show, and Dismantling

Vendor agrees to complete set up during the times designated by management and to continue to operate the booth during the event until the time scheduled for packing the booth which is 6:30pm – 7:00pm. Dismantling the booth before the designated time is prohibited unless authorized by management. THESE TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Exhibitor Activities and Displays

Vendor displays and activities must be limited and confined to the space for which the exhibitor has contracted and for the product or service defined in the agreement. Furthermore, promotion of or activities that are deemed to be competitive to Florida Puerto Rican Parade and Festival are prohibited during this event.

Cancellation of Event

If Florida Puerto Rican Parade, Inc. is prevented from holding the event for any reason beyond its control, including but not limited to riots, strikes, acts of government, acts of God (rain, weather inclement, etc) or if an exhibitor cannot occupy the assigned space due to reasons beyond management’s control, Florida Puerto Rican Parade, Inc. has the right to cancel the event or any part thereof, with no further liability to the exhibitor. If the event is cancelled due to negligence of promoter, the promoter has no further liability other than a refund of exhibit fees less the proportionate share of the event cost incurred.

Gambling and Controlled Substances

Gambling, pornography or selling controlled substances and their paraphernalia is prohibited and will not be allowed under any circumstances.

Governing Law

The Laws of the State of Florida govern this Agreement. The parties agree that in the event of a dispute, to pursue methods of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration prior to initiating any legal action.